This page shows some statistics about the Origami Database. These are updated automatically.


There are 393 models available in the Origami Database.

The first model was added on and the last model on .

The average number of models added per week is 2.4, over a run time of 3 years, 2 months and 1 day.


There are 53 publications in the Origami Database. 7 of them are completed (13.2%).

The average amount of models in a publication is 22. The least amount of models in a single publication is 7, the most models in a single publication is 37.

Site activity

The following graph shows the activity (i.e. new models) on a monthly basis. Darker squares represent more activity while white squares represent no activity. Hover over a square to see the month and model count information.

Model difficulty

Each model has a difficulty assigned to it. This graph shows the percentage of models for each difficulty.


There are 103 different creators in the Origami Database. The chart below shows the distribution of models creators in the Origami Database.

Fold time

The average time required to fold a model is 33 minutes. The fastest model takes 2 minutes, the slowest model takes 9 hours 50 minutes.

The total estimated fold time of all models in the origami database is 217 hours 13 minutes.

  • 1 minute to 14 minutes 136 models (33.7%)
  • 15 minutes to 29 minutes 128 models (31.7%)
  • 30 minutes to 44 minutes 54 models (13.4%)
  • 45 minutes to 59 minutes 38 models (9.4%)
  • 1 hour to 1 hour 29 minutes 20 models (5%)
  • 1 hour 30 minutes to 1 hour 59 minutes 16 models (4%)
  • 2 hours to 4 hours 59 minutes 11 models (2.7%)
  • 5 hours and up 1 model (0.2%)
  • Paper shapes

    Most origami models are folded from a square paper. This graph shows the distribution of paper shapes in the Origami Database.

    Group labels

    There are 18 different group labels in the Origami Database. The chart below shows the ratio of these labels.


    Most models are folded using a single sheet of paper, though some use more. This graph shows the ratio of models folded with different amounts of sheets of paper.