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Green butterfly with small antennae, viewed from above.


Winged insect with six legs and short antennae.

Hard 45 min.
Red three-headed dog, folded from double tissue paper. In this version, the head is folded differently.


Three-headed dog with curved tail and thin legs.

Intermediate 43 min.
Black beetje with horn and segmented legs.


Rhinoceros beetle with six segmented legs and distinctive horn.

Intermediate 47 min.
Black crow with talons with four digits and open beak.


Bird model with four digits on each talon.

Intermediate 48 min.
Gray and white cat with white snout, underside and legs.


Sitting cat with three-dimentional head and reverse-colored snout, legs and underside.

Intermediate 1 hr. 3 min.
Green dinosaur with six spikes on its head.


Dinsoaur with six spikes on its neck frill and a single horn on its nose.

Intermediate 55 min.
Orange flying dinosaur with large cranial crest.


Flying dinosaur with large wings and large crest on its head.

Intermediate 1 hr.
Green praying mantis model with distinctive shape.

Praying Mantis

Insect standing on four legs, with two distinctive raptorial front legs.

Intermediate 48 min.
Brown goat with two horns and distinct eyes, viewed from the front.


Standing goat with distinctive eyes and two horns.

Intermediate 47 min.