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Sitting abstract dog model with reverse-colored snout, breast and front paws.


Sitting dog with reverse-colored front paws, breast and cheeks.

Moderate 22 min.
Black tree silhouette against a yellow background.

Tree Sunset

Silhouette of tree trunk and branches, against a reverse-colored background with radial lines.

Moderate 28 min.
Brown shelter with slanted roof.


Shelter with sloped roof and single opening.

Intermediate 26 min.
Blue narwhal with reverse-colored thusk.


Whale with long, curved reverse-colored thusk.

Moderate 26 min.
Green crocodile with red eyes and teeth, folded from double tissue paper.


Reptile with reverse-colored teeth and eyes.

Intermediate 28 min.
Blue sailfish with white underside.


Model with long bill, large dorsal fin and reverse-colored underside.

Moderate 28 min.
Green quadruped stegosaurus featuring six plates on its back and two spikes at the end of its tail. Folded from double tissue paper.


Abstract dinosaur model with distinctive plates and tail.

Moderate 27 min.
Red demon with small wings and short tail, folded from double tissue paper.


Standing demon with two small wings and cloven feet.

Intermediate 42 min.
Green plant with two leaves in a brown pot.


Two leaves on a stem in a reverse-colored pot.

Intermediate 33 min.
Blue, winged snake-like creature with two claws and open mouth.

Flying Serpent

Winged snake with open mouth, long tail and two claws.

Intermediate 35 min.