Origami models that appeared in The New Origami

Origami paperfolders from beginners to experts will delight in this extensive new collection from the authors of Essential Origami. The New Origami contains dozens of original projects that employ cutting-edge techniques, including: modular origami (using interlocking pieces of paper); performance origami (accompanied by a story or explanation); geometrical origami (illustrating principals of geometry); kasaneori or layered paperfolding (using overlapping layers to create "ribbons" of color); puzzle origami (featuring interchangeable parts that create a brain-teasing effect); practical origami (making useable objects like envelopes, frames, and wallets); multiple symmetry (sinking, pleating, and folding to create symmetrical patterns and shapes). Each technique is accompanied by easy-to-follow, two-color illustrations.

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Green dinosaur model with large body and a long neck and tail.


Long-necked standing dinosaur model with a large body.

Moderate 15 min.