Origami models that appeared in Origami Planet

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Orange flying dinosaur with large cranial crest.


Flying dinosaur with large wings and large crest on its head.

Intermediate 1 hr.
Brown goat with two horns and distinct eyes, viewed from the front.


Standing goat with distinctive eyes and two horns.

Intermediate 47 min.
Red fox model with reverse-colored tail tip.

Fox 2015

Standing fox with distinctive face and reverse-colored tail tip.

Intermediate 38 min.
White rooster with red legs, wattles and comb.


Rooster with reverse-colored wattle, comb and legs.

Intermediate 45 min.
Rearing white unicorn with blue horn, mane and tail.


Rearing unicorn with reverse-colored horn, mane and tail.

Intermediate 50 min.
Standing humanoid with green lips and reverse-colored crane on its chest.

Old man

Humanoid creature with large claws and a reverse-colored crane on its chest.

Intermediate 1 hr. 4 min.
Black crow with talons and open beak, folded from double tissue paper.


Standing crow with four digits on each talon.

Hard 1 hr. 50 min.
Green frog origami model with white eyes and mouth.


Boxy, three-dimentional frog model.

Moderate 22 min.
Purple origami flying dinosaur model (standing form).


Bird-like dinosaur model with open beak and pronounced eye.

Moderate 13 min.
Brown origami stylized feces with face.


Stylized pile of feces with eyes and mouth.

Easy 9 min.
Boxy, blue abstract origami whale.


Blocky whale model.

Moderate 15 min.
Purple quadruped dragon model.


Standing dragon with long, straight neck.

Intermediate 26 min.