Origami models that appeared in Origami Animals

Make your own menagerie! The art of origami has been fascinating people for many years. Now you too can create fun, unique paper art with Origami Animals. Containing step-by-step full-color instructions on how to fold 16 magnificent pieces, from a tiny mouse to a mighty dinosaur, this book will provide hour after hour of rewarding fun.

Written by leading Australian origami expert Matthew Gardiner, with contributions and original designs by renowned origami artists, Origami Animals is the ultimate guide to creating beautiful origami art.

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Nine green origami cranes joined together in a square pattern.

Senbazuru (square)

A pattern of crane models, joined together by head, tail and wings.

Intermediate 1 hr. 36 min.
Three blue origami birds joined together in a line.

Senbazuru (line)

Renzuru model of a line of cranes joined tail to wing and wing to head.

Intermediate 25 min.
Pink and yellow abstract fox head.

Fox mask

Fox hand puppet head that can be animated.

Moderate 4 min.
Two origami finger puppets.


Finger puppet of a cat or a pig.

Easy 3 min.
Blue origami bird model.

Flapping bird

The flapping variant of the traditional origami crane.

Moderate 4 min.
A green origami turtle.


Turtle with a four-segmented shell.

Moderate 13 min.
Abstract origami bird.


The icon of Spanish origami. Pajarito means ‘small bird’ in Spanish.

Moderate 4 min.
Abstract origami crab model.

Walking crab

Stylized crab that wiggles when tapped on a side.

Moderate 7 min.
Origami crane model, folded from purple paper.


The traditional origami crane.

Moderate 5 min.