Origami models that appeared in Dragons Witches and Other Fantasy Creatures in Origami

The "dark side" of paper folding awaits origami enthusiasts in this collection of new and interesting projects. Scores of diagrams and folding instructions show how to fashion creatures drawn from the worlds of fantasy and make-believe, including a trill (23 steps) and a high-flying witch ion a broomstick (141 steps).

A useful list of symbols indicating basic folding techniques introduces 25 devilishly delightful models - among them a bat, ghost, suit of armor, centaur, wizard, unicorn, satyr, sphinx, and a three-headed dragon.

Offering hours of personal satisfaction and enjoyment, this unique collection will delight paper folders at all skill levels.

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Grey, hulking creature with thick arms.


Bulky creature with large arms.

Moderate 11 min.
Origami wasp model.


Standing six-legged 3D model with segmented abdomen.

Intermediate 1 hr. 5 min.
Black, cowled humanoid figure with stretched out arms.


Humanoid figure with long cowl and stretched out arms.

Moderate 13 min.