Origami models that appeared in Dragons and Other Fantastic Creatures in Origami

Fantasy-loving folders will rejoice in this enchanting collection of 27 original models by origami master John Montroll. Ranging from simple to complex, the figures include 10 types of dragons as well as a wizard, ogre, unicorn, phoenix, and other imaginary creatures. Illustrated instructions accompany each model, along with a brief chapter in an ongoing adventure story.

Internationally renowned author John Montroll has significantly increased the origami repertoire with his original designs. Best known as the inspiration behind the single-square, no-cuts, no-glue approach, Montroll offers meticulously developed folding sequences that allow origamists to create better models with fewer steps.

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Abstract origami lion model with large mane and wings.

Winged Lion

Standing winged lion with large mane.

Intermediate 30 min.
White and gold/green origami shield.


A shield with large checkered pattern and a point on the top.

Easy 3 min.
Green dragon-like creature with spikes on its head.


Bipedal wyvern with arrow-tipped tail and five spikes on its head.

Intermediate 45 min.
Abstract humanoid figure with reverse-colored hands, face and beard.


Robed wizard with pointy hat and long beard.

Moderate 20 min.