Origami models that appeared in Dinosaur Origami

In this fascinating collection of origami projects, John Montroll, one of America's foremost origami artists, teaches you to create models of the world's most celebrated extinct animals, each folded from a single square sheet of paper. Paper crafters can make amazingly detailed paper replicas of the Tyrannosaurus, the Stegosaurus, the Pterodactylus, the Triceratops, the Apatosaurus, and many of the other monsters that seize the imaginations of children and adults alike.

A lot of the models in this book use the same (type of) base.

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Purple long-necked dinosaur model folded from double tissue paper.


Quadruped dinosaur model with long neck and distinctive head shape.

Moderate 18 min.
Purple bipedal origami dinosaur.


Standing dinosaur with distinctive nose.

Moderate 21 min.
Blue bipedal origami dinosaur with thumb claws and feet with three digits.


Bipedal dinosaur with spike-like thumbs and toes with three digits.

Intermediate 50 min.
Purple origami triceratops with open mouth.


Dinosaur model with crest and large horns on its head.

Hard 59 min.
Yellow origami dinosaur with spikes on its head and a large horn.


Quadruped dinosaur with six spikes extending from its neck frill and a single large horn on its nose.

Hard 59 min.
Blue standing dinosaur with claws and feet with three digits.


Bipedal dinosaur with feet with three digits and sharp claws.

Intermediate 52 min.
Green origami stegosaurus with reverse-colored eye. This model has several spikes on the end of its tail, an open mouth and many plates on its back.


Quadruped dinosaur with reverse-colored eye, four tail spikes and 8 plates on its back.

Hard 1 hr. 33 min.
Green quadruped origami dinosaur.


Dinosaur model with open mouth, standing on four legs.

Intermediate 24 min.
Yellow origami bipedal dinosaur with long neck.


Bipedal dinosaur model with long neck and pointy head.

Intermediate 29 min.