Origami models that appeared in Difficult Origami

Butterflies, speedboats, and penguins, who would have thought so much could be made out of paper? These step-by-step guides offer origami projects with a range of difficulty levels. Clear illustrations of folds and photos of the finished product are included in each fun project.

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Purple origami flower with four petals.


Traditional origami lily with four petals and stamen.

Moderate 10 min.
Blue picture frame.


A picture frame to put a photo in.

Moderate 18 min.
Green origami frog model with long hind legs.


Traditional origami frog model.

Moderate 14 min.
Blue origami boat model with windshield.


Boat model with windshield and two rear fins.

Intermediate 10 min.
Abstract orange cat model.


Simple abstract sitting cat model.

Moderate 8 min.