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Black crow with talons with four digits and open beak.


Bird model with four digits on each talon.

Intermediate 48 min.
Purple and white catepillar with curved body.


Crawling catepillar model with curved body.

Moderate 26 min.
Brown, sitting mouse.


Sitting mouse model.

Moderate 14 min.
Gray and white cat with white snout, underside and legs.


Sitting cat with three-dimentional head and reverse-colored snout, legs and underside.

Intermediate 1 hr. 3 min.
Red wyvern with horned head.

Red Wyvern

Wyvern with a horned head and talons with three digits.

Intermediate 1 hr. 40 min.
Green dinosaur with six spikes on its head.


Dinsoaur with six spikes on its neck frill and a single horn on its nose.

Intermediate 55 min.
Abstract purple octopus.


Abstract eight-legged bulbous octopus model.

Moderate 26 min.
Black and white swimming bird with long neck.

Common Loon

Aquatic bird model with reverse-colored lower sides, breast and neck.

Moderate 16 min.
Orange fox with reverse-colored tail and on the inside of the ears.

Foxy fox

Standing fox model with reverse-colored tail and inner ears.

Moderate 24 min.
Blue elephant seal looking upward.

Elephant Seal

Sitting male elephant seal with distinctive nose, leaning back.

Moderate 26 min.
Yellow abstract chicken with red comb.


Abstract chicken with reverse-colored comb, two independent wings and a single foot.

Easy 6 min.