Scarecrow (Edward Bird-hands)

Model by Alec Fehl.

Standing humanoid with birds for hands.

The birds look like flapping birds but are not; the neck and tail are smaller.

Folding tips

  • Step 21: the diagram is incorrect at the preliminaries; the flaps end at the left- and rightmost points. See step 22 for the correct lines.
  • At step 25, note that the rotation is clockwise, while the diagram shows counter-clockwise (the text is correct).

Paper & size

When folded from a 35cm square, the model ends up 12cm in height, 19cm wide and 3.5cm deep when unsculpted (i.e. with straight arms).

Model information


Blue standing character with two birds for hands. This model has a differently-shaped head, making it look like the character is wearing a hat.

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