Standing goat-like humanoid with reverse-colored horns.

Folding tips

  • Step 11: don’t fold the valley fold in the bottom right, only fold the (part behind the) colored flap. See step 12 for the result.
  • Note that at step 12 the diagram is incorrect; on the middle right part, the leftmost triangle should be reverse-colored.
  • During step 18 make sure to fold the flap the other way first (mountain fold), this will make step 20 easier.
  • Step 20: this is a squash-like fold; first, open the flap made at step 18; then, move the valley fold downward. The mountain fold made at step 18 (see above) will end up as the top edge. Squash the middle flaps, and pull out and flatten the side flaps. See this image for the side result. It might help to use a long thin tool, inserted in the back of the model to push the paper up. Step 23/24 can also be done during this step.

Paper & size

When folded from a 30cm square, the model ends up about 6.5cm wide and 13cm in height when flattened. It will be slightly 3D because of the angle of the head, and can stand on its own with a little sculpting and balancing.

Model information


Brown origami bipedal satyr with white horns. Folded from double tissue paper.

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