Model by kaaakun.

Three-dimentional winged snake with large dragon-like wings, curved in a circle.

This creature can be sculpted to symbolize the Ouroboros, by folding the tail close to the head, almost creating a circle.

The lower side of the wings are reverse-colored. This model is folded from a 32×32 box grid.

Folding tips

  • Around 50:25 in the video, make sure you fold the bottom and middle layer, not the top layer.
  • The fold made at 52:52 in the video (and the same for the other side) is a small reverse fold of the underside of the eyes.

Paper & size

Start with the colored side up. When collapsing (around 43 minutes in the video) the colored side should be up.

When folded from a 49cm square, the model ends up 33cm wide, 18cm in height and 15cm deep.

Model information


Gray and black winged snake with two sharp fangs, folded from double tissue paper.

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