Oriental Dragon

Wingless, flying dragon with hollow body and pronounced head.

Folding tips

  • Step 20: repeat step 17-19 on this side.
  • At step 39, don’t forget to fold down the flaps at the top.
  • In the diagrams, step 45 doesn’t show the flaps beneath the ones made in step 44. They are still there, as seen in step 46.
  • The diagram in step 64 and 65 are wrong; the fold results in a slightly different flap. Step 66 does shows the correct result.
  • Step 81: only fold the top layer.

Paper & size

When folded from a 49cm square, the model ends up 35cm long, about 9cm wide and 11cm in height.

Model information


Red and orange dragon without wings, featuring clawed arms and large horns on its head. Folded from double tissue paper.

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