Old man

Model by Ryosuke Sakurai.

Humanoid creature with large claws and a reverse-colored crane on its chest.

This goblin-like creature has reverse-colored lips and pointy ears. Although it looks complex, it is not very hard to fold.

Folding tips

  • At step 18 the tip will fold to the right; the model is not symmetrical. During step 19, the model doesn’t lie flat.
  • Step 36: unfold back to step 34, then reverse the flap and re-fold to the result shown in step 37.
  • Step 54 uses the same technique as performed in step 36.

Paper & size

When folded from a 35cm square, the model ends up 14.5cm in height and about 12cm wide.

Model information


Standing humanoid with green lips and reverse-colored crane on its chest.

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