Model by John Montroll.

Monkey standing on its hind legs with curled tail and distinctive face.

Folding tips

  • At step 13, it’s easier to first fold (and unfold) the corners to the center line, before making the squash folds.
  • Step 14: pull out the hidden layer inside the model. It’s easier if you unfold the sides a bit, first.
  • During step 24, fold to the crease made at step 11, not the one made at step 10.
  • Step 37 is tricky; note that only the top layer needs to be folded (see step 38; you can see a bit of the second layer above the ears). The easiest way to accomplish this step is to first make the indicated folds through all layers, unfold them, then unfold the flap made at step 35 a bit, then making the indicated folds but only through only the top layer. The flap at step 35 can then be ‘squashed’ a bit to finish this step.

Paper & size

When folded from a 35cm square, this model ends up about 12cm long and 11cm in height.

Model information


Standing brown origami monkey with curled tail.

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