Standing humanoid devil with horned head, large wings and forked tail.

This model is folded from a 32×32 box grid.

Folding tips

  • During steps 4 to 10, the model is three-dimentional with the top flap at a 45 degree angle. See these images of the collapse.
  • Step 16 to 19 and 32 to 40 are Elias stretches.
  • When folding the wings at step 30 and 31, note that it is fine to have them curve outward a bit (this would be done during sculpting anyway).

Paper & size

When folded from a 49cm square, the model ends up 18cm in height, about 17.5cm wide and 8cm deep.

Model information


Red demon with large bat-like wings and a horned head, standing on two legs, folded from triple tissue paper.

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