Woman with serpentine lower body and hair made of eight snakes.

This model is folded from a 32×32 box grid.

Folding tips

  • Before step 1 (folding the grid), first fold the diagonals. Folding the diagonals afterwards might be more difficult with some paper types.
  • Step 16 through 18 are Elias stretches.
  • During step 19, note that you need two sinks for each flap, except the outer flaps, which require only one.
  • Step 20 is an inside-reverse fold.

Paper & size

When folded from a 48cm square, the model ends up 28cm long (with uncoiled tail), 12cm in height and about 5cm wide.

This model becomes very thick at the breast and tail; a thin paper is recommended.

Model information


Purple gorgon with eight snake-like tentacles for hair, folded from double tissue paper.

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