Winged female figure with long skirt.

This model is folded from a 32 box grid, and shares its base with Mephistopheles.

Folding tips

Most tips of Mephistopheles apply here. Additional tips:

  • Step 9: the top part in the diagram that suddenly appears is the layer below. Step 8 is still a single grid valley fold.
  • Step 11: after this, perform another mountain fold to get to step 12. Re-order the hinge on the wings to get to step 12.
  • Step 14: the top part is an Elias stretch.
  • Step 23: pull out the inside of the wing, and squash as indicated in the diagram.
  • Step 24: also note the change in the hair (see step 25 for the result).

Paper & size

When folded from a 49cm square, the model ends up about 19cm in height, 11cm deep and 20cm wide.

The head requires some sculpting with glue to look like the model in the book, because the two parts of the hair on each side won’t stick together.

Model information


Winged, female figure. Folded from black and yellow double tissue paper.

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