Model by John Montroll.

Griffin model pronounced beak, ears and wings.

Folding tips

  • Step 20: this valley fold should be tucked under the petal fold made at step 17/18.
  • At step 23, start with the valley fold, then do the mountain fold. Look at step 24 for the result; note that the folds don’t come together at the point.
  • Step 24: prefold all indicated lines. The horizontal and vertical lines are defined by earlier folds or edges. Start the collapse with the three horizontal lines near the point, the rest should follow naturally.
  • When folding the wings at step 36, note that this requires squashing the paper a bit; the model won’t be flat anymore.

Paper & size

This is a thick model, a thinner paper is recommended.

This model ends up 15cm long, 12cm in height and about 10cm wide when folded from a 35cm square.

Model information

Purple origami griffin model.

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