Model by Jo Nakashima.

Standing goose model with reverse-colored legs and beak.

The beak of this model can be opened.

Folding tips

  • Step 30: this isn’t a valley fold; you should pull out the paper from inside the right half of the petal fold. The video shows this around 09:45.
  • During step 39, make sure you reverse fold from the center, i.e. each side has two laters.
  • The folds at step 53 and 54 are easier than they look, but hard to describe. The video shows them around 22:45.
  • Step 55 is a squash fold, the model is symmetrical.

Paper & size

When folded from a 17.5cm square, the model ends up 6.5cm long and 6.5cm in height.

Model information


Orange and white goose model.

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