Giant Squid

Model by John Szinger.

Cephalopod with two large and eight smaller tentacles and distinctive fin.

Folding tips

  • At step 15 the layers underneath at the left and right are colored wrong in the diagrams.
  • Step 44: open up the top flap up to the petal folded flaps, creating a new edge.
  • During step 46, note that not all edges need prefolding. Start with the diagonal valley fold from the bottom right up to the middle line, then the valley fold from the bottom left (which doesn’t go fully to the center line) and the mountain fold (not fully to the left edge). The rest of the folds will follow automatically when swinging the layer to the right.

Paper & size

When folded from a 45cm square, the model ends up about 25cm long, 8cm in height and 18cm wide when sculpted.

Model information


Gray squid with two very long tentacles and eight smaller ones.

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