Model by Zhen Ming Huang.

Standing dinosaur with claws and reverse-colored underside and jaw.

This model has claws and feet with three digits.

Folding tips

  • The collapse in step 17 is most easily done by starting with the arms and legs (left and top) then the head (top left), then the tail (bottom right), then the points in the bottom left and top right. It helps to first do one side, which can be mostly flattened before starting on the other side.
  • Step 22 can be seen around 31:45 in the video. It involves pulling out the sloped edges from within the outer layers, then folding points from the squares. The same principle can be seen in step 58 – 59 from the Crow in Origami Planet.
  • During step 25 (and 26), it might help to first make the valley fold as shown in step 24 on all corners, then open the model back up to step 22. This allows you to sink all edges at once.
  • The pleat fold at step 31 also requires an outside reverse fold on the grey region to get the result shown in step 32.

Paper & size

This model ends up about 34cm long and 18cm in height when folded from a 49cm square.

Model information



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