Darkness Dragon 2.0

Model by Tadashi Mori.

Quadruped dragon model with segmented tail, talons with three digits and large horns on its head.

This beautiful dragon model has a detailed face and long tail. It is not an easy model to fold, especially during the three-dimentional fold (step 46 in the diagrams / 11 minutes in the video).

Paper & size

A large, thin paper is recommended. Because of the thickness, the neck, tail and body might show some of the backside of the paper; a sheet with the same color on both sides will make this a non-issue.

When folded from a 35cm square, this model ends up 20cm long (with tail uncoiled), 9cm in height and about 15cm wide (depending on how far the wings are spread).

Model information


Red dragon with large horns and a long tail.

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