Model by Ryosuke Sakurai.

Standing crow with four digits on each talon.

The beak of this model can be folded close.

The eye shows a slit of the reverse color due to paper shifting; if you valley fold the front part of the eye, it will not show the reverse color. The whole flap can also be folded back at step 74 (instead of performing steps 75 – 78), which makes the head eyeless.

Folding tips

  • At step 58 and 59, grab the four inner diagonal layers with one hand, and the outer layers with the other. Then, slide the outer layers downward.
  • Step 83 – 84 require flattening and re-ordering the paper a bit.
  • During step 85, don’t forget the last layer (there are three on each leg); it is slightly different than the other layers, and requires opening the layer a bit.

Paper & size

When folded from a 48.5cm square, the resulting model ends up 21.5cm long and 12cm in height.

This model becomes very thick at the center and legs; a thin paper is recommended.

Model information


Black crow with talons and open beak, folded from double tissue paper.

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