Ancient Dragon

Model by Satoshi Kamiya.

Dragon with eight large spikes on its head, large wings, segmented tail and four talons with four digits each.

The diagrams in Origami Dragons Premium are different from the one in Works of Satoshi Kamiya; the version in Origami Dragons Premium is more complex as it has a more detailed head with teeth; it is sometimes refered to as version 2.0. The video tutorial follows the version from Works of Satoshi Kamiya.

Sculpting the model takes several additional hours, depending on the details.

Paper & size

When folded from a 68cm square, the model ends up about 33cm long and 14cm in height (flattened). When sculpted, it is about 23cm long, 30cm wide and 12cm in height.

A thin paper is recommended; the front of the body becomes very thick. As with all complex models, sharp and accurate folds are required for a decent result.

Model information


Red dragon with large wings, four-digit toes and eight spikes on its head. Folded from double tissue paper. This version is sculpted with methyl cellulose glue.

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