Origami models labeled Vehicle

Vehicles are devices used for transporting creatures or cargo, such as boats, cars, planes and trains.

More specific kinds of vehicle are airplane, bicycle and boat.

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Blue and white sail ship with two large sails.

Sailing Boat

Three-dimentional ship with two reverse-colored sails.

Moderate 18 min.
Orange abstract yacht with two levels.


Hollow boat model with two decks.

Moderate 16 min.
Blue bicycle model with reverse-colored wheels, folded from double tissue paper.


Bicycle with distinctive frame and reverse-colored wheels.

Hard 3 hr. 5 min.
Purple abstract boat model with reverse-colored sails.


Abstract boat with two reverse-colored sails.

Easy 3 min.
Blue origami boat model with windshield.


Boat model with windshield and two rear fins.

Intermediate 10 min.
An abstract origami boat.


The traditional origami boat model.

Easy 2 min.
Purple origami airplane model with two wings.

Airplane #2

Single propeller airplane with two wheels and vertical and horizontal stabilizers.

Moderate 15 min.
A brown canoe model.


A 3D canoe model with pointed ends.

Moderate 12 min.