Origami models labeled Seal

Seals (pinnipeds) are semi-aquatic marine mammals. Families include the walrus and sea lions.

Seal is a type of animal.

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Blue elephant seal looking upward.

Elephant Seal

Sitting male elephant seal with distinctive nose, leaning back.

Moderate 26 min.
Blue abstract seal model with orthagonal fins.


Traditional abstract seal model with two front flippers.

Easy 5 min.
White seal model with black eyes, nose and whiskers.

Harp seal pup

Hollow model with reverse-colored eyes, nose and whiskers.

Intermediate 52 min.
Grey abstract origami seal.


Upright seal with hindflippers perpendicular to the body.

Moderate 15 min.
Purple walrus model with white thusks.

Bull Walrus

This model captures the distinctive pose and long tusks of the walrus very well.

Moderate 22 min.