Origami models labeled Sauropod

Sauropods are dinosaurs with long necks and tails, pillar-like legs and relatively small heads.

Sauropod is a type of dinosaur.

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Purple long-necked dinosaur model folded from double tissue paper.


Quadruped dinosaur model with long neck and distinctive head shape.

Moderate 18 min.
Quadruped origami dinosaur model.


Dinosaur model with sturdy legs and large body.

Moderate 18 min.
Quadruped origami dinosaur model.


Herbivorous dinosaur model with heavy body.

Moderate 22 min.
Green dinosaur model with large body and a long neck and tail.


Long-necked standing dinosaur model with a large body.

Moderate 15 min.
Large red long-necked dinosaur with large body.


A long model that captures the hulking posture of the diplodocus.

Moderate 25 min.