Origami models labeled Rodent

Included in this label are also rabbits, even though they are technically not rodents.

Rodent is a type of animal. More specific kinds of rodent are beaver, mouse, rabbit, rat and squirrel.

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Brown, sitting mouse.


Sitting mouse model.

Moderate 14 min.
Flying squirrel with distinct ears, eyes and long tail.

Flying squirrel

Nearly flat squirrel model, with a head that features a nose, ears and eyes.

Intermediate 52 min.
Brown, standing origami rat model.


Standing rat model.

Intermediate 21 min.
Green origami rabbit model with pronounced head.


Standing rabbit model with pronounced head and ears.

Moderate 24 min.
Origami beaver with reverse-colored teeth and flat tail.


Standing beaver model with reverse-colored teeth.

Moderate 14 min.
Abstract bunny model with pointy ears.


Stylized rabbit model with long pointy ears.

Easy 4 min.
Yellow origami mouse with long tail.


Sitting mouse with a long, thin tail.

Moderate 15 min.
Brown rabbit model with reverse-colored ears and breast.


With fluffy ears, breast and tail, this model has interesting color changes when folded with two-colored paper.

Moderate 24 min.