Origami models labeled Pokémon

Pokémon is a type of media.

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Brown and white owl-like creature with green bowtie.


Sitting owl-like Pokémon with round body.

Moderate 27 min.
White horse model with red mane and tail.


Fiery horse Pokémon model with reverse-colored mane and tail.

Intermediate 37 min.
Red six-tailed fox, folded from double tissue paper.


Standing six-tailed fox with distinctive curls on its head.

Intermediate 46 min.
Yellow bird with red beak.


Lightning bird with reverse-colored beak.

Intermediate 52 min.
Bellsprout Pokémon origami model with tailor-made colored double tissue.


Plant Pokémon with reverse colored leaves and lips.

Intermediate 27 min.
Vaporeon Pokémon with large fish tail, with reverse-colored fins.


Pokémon model with long fish-like tail and reverse-colored fin around its neck.

Moderate 40 min.
Jolteon Pokémon model, with reverse-colored ruff around the neck.


Pokémon model with spikey tail and reverse-colored ruff.

Moderate 44 min.
Flareon Pokémon with large tail from red and yellow paper.


Quadrupedal Pokémon model with flaming tail and head.

Moderate 36 min.
Green origami Metapod.


Cocooned insect from the Pokémon franchise.

Moderate 17 min.
Origami model of the Pokémon Dratini.


Model of the serpentine Pokémon Dratini with fins on the side of its head.

Intermediate 31 min.