Origami models labeled Plant

Plants are living things with complex cells that use the process of photosynthesis to transform water, minerals, carbon dioxide and sunlight into energy. Most plants grow in the ground, with roots below the surface and stems in the air. Many plants have leaves.

More specific kinds of plant are flower and tree.

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Yellow origami flower with green stem and two leaves.


Flower on stem with reverse-colored petals.

Moderate 25 min.
Black tree silhouette against a yellow background.

Tree Sunset

Silhouette of tree trunk and branches, against a reverse-colored background with radial lines.

Moderate 28 min.
Green plant with two leaves in a brown pot.


Two leaves on a stem in a reverse-colored pot.

Intermediate 33 min.
Orange and green pumpkin with eight segments.


Abstract pumpkin model with eight segments and a reverse-colored stem.

Moderate 10 min.
Purple flower with four petals on a green stem with a single leaf.

Tulip and Stem

Four-petalled flower with large stigma on a stem with a single leaf.

Moderate 8 min.
Blue snail on a green leaf.

Leaf & snail

Reverse-colored snail on a leaf from a single sheet.

Moderate 15 min.
Purple flower with green leaves and stem.

Flower with stem

Simple plant stem with reverse-colored flower and two leaves.

Moderate 9 min.
Bellsprout Pokémon origami model with tailor-made colored double tissue.


Plant Pokémon with reverse colored leaves and lips.

Intermediate 27 min.
Purple origami flower with four petals.


Traditional origami lily with four petals and stamen.

Moderate 10 min.
Pink origami flower with four petals.

Water lily

Four-petalled single-colored water lily.

Easy 5 min.