Origami models labeled Lizard

Lizard is a type of animal. A more specific kind of lizard is a chameleon.

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Purple standing lizard.


Lizard with arms and legs with three digits.

Hard 1 hr. 24 min.
Green standing lizard with large neck frill.

Frilled Lizard

Standing lizard with large frill around its neck.

Intermediate 40 min.
Green chameleon with white eyes and a curled tail.


Chameleon with open mouth and reverse-colored eyes.

Moderate 26 min.
Green lizard origami model with a little hunch.


Plain, standing lizard model.

Moderate 20 min.
Origami lizard looking up, with reverse-colored eyes.


Standing lizard with reverse-colored eyes.

Moderate 18 min.
Origami chameleon model with reverse-colored eyes.


Chameleon model with open mouth and reverse-colored eyes.

Moderate 15 min.