Origami models labeled Insect

Insect is a type of animal. More specific kinds of insect are beetle, butterfly and wasp.

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Green butterfly with small antennae, viewed from above.


Winged insect with six legs and short antennae.

Hard 45 min.
Black beetje with horn and segmented legs.


Rhinoceros beetle with six segmented legs and distinctive horn.

Intermediate 47 min.
Purple and white catepillar with curved body.


Crawling catepillar model with curved body.

Moderate 26 min.
Brown cricket model.

Jumping Cricket

Cricket with four distinct legs and hind legs pressed against its body that can be made to jump.

Moderate 24 min.
Green praying mantis model with distinctive shape.

Praying Mantis

Insect standing on four legs, with two distinctive raptorial front legs.

Intermediate 48 min.
Green origami Metapod.


Cocooned insect from the Pokémon franchise.

Moderate 17 min.
Origami model of a treehopper.


Standing bug model with detailed legs and large pronotum.

Intermediate 53 min.
Red origami ladybug with black spots and head.

Spotted Ladybug

A pretty beetle model with reverse-colored head and spots.

Hard 1 hr. 20 min.
Origami wasp model.


Standing six-legged 3D model with segmented abdomen.

Intermediate 1 hr. 5 min.
Pink origami cicada model, viewed from above.


Traditional stylized cicada model with reverse-colored stripe.

Easy 3 min.