Origami models labeled Humanoid

Any creature that is a human or resembles one is included in the humanoid category. Primates (monkeys and apes) have their own label.

More specific kinds of humanoid are baby, knight, man and woman.

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Abstract humanoid figure in a black cloak with hood, holding a book. Folded from kami paper.


Cowled humanoid figure with a book in one hand.

Moderate 40 min.
Winged, female figure. Folded from black and yellow double tissue paper.


Winged female figure with long skirt.

Hard 2 hr. 24 min.
Standing wizard with pointy hat, folded from blue and orange double tissue paper.


Humanoid figure with arms stretched, wearing a robe and pointy hat.

Hard 1 hr. 33 min.
Purple winged humanoid shape with arms behind its back.

Christmas Angel

Abstract humanoid creature with wings and arms folded behind its back.

Easy 9 min.
Gray suit of armor with spiked helmet.

Suit of Armor

Standing armor with pauldrons, pointed helmet and distinctive knee pads.

Moderate 22 min.
Blue hunch-backed humanoid figure.


Hunch-backed humanoid figure.

Moderate 14 min.
White origami bride with long veil and square features.


Boxy bride with long veil.

Moderate 23 min.
Black and silver boxy humanoid figure with spikey hair.


Boxy groom with spikey hair and reverse-colored face and undershirt.

Moderate 21 min.
Human figure model with reverse-colored head.

Human Figure

Standing humanoid figure with reverse-colored face.

Moderate 14 min.
Standing humanoid with green lips and reverse-colored crane on its chest.

Old man

Humanoid creature with large claws and a reverse-colored crane on its chest.

Intermediate 1 hr. 4 min.
Red humanoid figure with hands outstretched, creating flames.


Model of a kneeling humanoid figure creating flames.

Moderate 15 min.