Origami models labeled Fish

Fish is a type of animal.

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Gold origami fish with white square eye.


Abstract fish model with open mouth and large, reverse-colored eye.

Intermediate 29 min.
Orange and white origami clownfish model.


Fish with reverse-colored stripes.

Intermediate 38 min.
Brown sitting bear holding a fish between its paws.

Bear with salmon

Abstract sitting bear holding a reverse-colored fish in its arms.

Moderate 33 min.
Blue sailfish with white underside.


Model with long bill, large dorsal fin and reverse-colored underside.

Moderate 28 min.
Black origami angler fish with reverse-colored lamp and inside of mouth, folded from double tissue paper, with mouth open.


Anglerfish model with large mouth that can be animated.

Moderate 26 min.
Green origami barracuda model.


Long fish model with distinctive head and fins.

Intermediate 58 min.
Blue origami fish model.


Fish model with characteristic fins.

Intermediate 23 min.
Large, orange origami fish with purple lips, with open mouth.

Kissing fish

The lips of this fish move when the model is squeezed.

Moderate 10 min.