Origami models labeled Dragon

Dragons are mythical creatures that often feature claws, scales and wings. There are many variations of dragons.

Dragon is a type of mythical creature. A more specific kind of dragon is a wyvern.

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Green dragon-like creature with spikes on its head.


Bipedal wyvern with arrow-tipped tail and five spikes on its head.

Intermediate 45 min.
Red sitting origami dragon with long neck and horned head.

Dragon v3

Bipedal dragon with segmented tail and horned head.

Intermediate 30 min.
Golden origami dragon model standing on four legs.

Dragon 8.0

A European-style dragon with large wings, standing on four legs.

Intermediate 45 min.
Orange origami dragon with reverse-colored wings.


Standing dragon with reverse colored wings.

Moderate 20 min.