Origami models labeled Domestic cat

Domestic cat is a type of cat.

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Yellow abstract sitting cat.


Sitting abstract cat model.

Moderate 11 min.
Gray and white cat with white snout, underside and legs.


Sitting cat with three-dimentional head and reverse-colored snout, legs and underside.

Intermediate 1 hr. 3 min.
Abstract orange cat model.


Simple abstract sitting cat model.

Moderate 8 min.
Two origami finger puppets.


Finger puppet of a cat or a pig.

Easy 3 min.
Origami cat model.


Sitting cat with reverse-colored breast and nose.

Moderate 17 min.
Abstract cat with pointy tail and reverse-colored snout.


A stylized cat model with reverse-colored snout.

Moderate 6 min.