Origami models labeled Crustacean

Crustacean is a type of animal. A more specific kind of crustacean is a crab.

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Red origami crab with large claws and eight legs.


Eight-legged crab with two large claws.

Intermediate 35 min.
Origami crab with raised pincers.

Sea crab

Standing crab model with eight legs and two pincers.

Moderate 30 min.
Origami hermet crab model, with differently colored inside.

Hermit crab

This model has pronounced eyes, four legs and two claws.

Moderate 19 min.
Abstract origami crab model.

Walking crab

Stylized crab that wiggles when tapped on a side.

Moderate 7 min.
Blue origami woodlouse with segmented shell and two antennae.


A simple segmented bug with two antennae.

Moderate 5 min.