Origami models labeled Ceratopsians

A group of herbivorous, beaked dinosaurs, with the triceratops as its most famous member.

Ceratopsians is a type of dinosaur.

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Green dinosaur with six spikes on its head.


Dinsoaur with six spikes on its neck frill and a single horn on its nose.

Intermediate 55 min.
Purple origami triceratops with open mouth.


Dinosaur model with crest and large horns on its head.

Hard 59 min.
Yellow origami dinosaur with spikes on its head and a large horn.


Quadruped dinosaur with six spikes extending from its neck frill and a single large horn on its nose.

Hard 59 min.
Orange quadruped origami dinosaur with open mouth.


Four-legged dinosaur model with large neck frill.

Moderate 28 min.
Side view of an origami triceratops model.


Standing model with two pronounced horns.

Intermediate 36 min.
Green three-horned origami dinosaur model.


Dinosaur model that features a three-horned head.

Moderate 20 min.