Origami models labeled Bird

Birds are feathered vertebrates that evolved from dinosaurs. Birds have beaks and no teeth, and range from 5 cm to 2.7 m.

Bird is a type of animal. More specific kinds of bird are chicken, crane, eagle, penguin and waterfowl.

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White rooster with red legs, wattles and comb.


Rooster with reverse-colored wattle, comb and legs.

Intermediate 45 min.
Black and white abstract penguin model with a single foot.


Traditional penguin model with single foot.

Easy 7 min.
Standing humanoid with green lips and reverse-colored crane on its chest.

Old man

Humanoid creature with large claws and a reverse-colored crane on its chest.

Intermediate 1 hr. 4 min.
Yellow bird with red beak.


Lightning bird with reverse-colored beak.

Intermediate 52 min.
Black crow with talons and open beak, folded from double tissue paper.


Standing crow with four digits on each talon.

Hard 1 hr. 50 min.
Black and white abstract origami penguin.


Simple penguin model with reverse-colored front.

Easy 3 min.
Orange and white goose model.


Standing goose model with reverse-colored legs and beak.

Intermediate 36 min.
Yellow stylized origami bird chick.


Stylized bird chick with wings.

Easy 6 min.
Brown origami kiwi bird with white feet and beak.


Standing kiwi bird with reverse-colored beak and feet.

Moderate 20 min.
Red origami rooster folded from double tissue paper.


Standing rooster model.

Intermediate 35 min.