Origami models labeled Action origami

Action origami has the unique feature that the model can move in some way when manipulated. The traditional example is the flapping bird.

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Brown cricket model.

Jumping Cricket

Cricket with four distinct legs and hind legs pressed against its body that can be made to jump.

Moderate 24 min.
Black origami angler fish with reverse-colored lamp and inside of mouth, folded from double tissue paper, with mouth open.


Anglerfish model with large mouth that can be animated.

Moderate 26 min.
Orange origami fortune teller.

Fortune teller

Model used in games to tell the player’s fortune by choosing colors or numbers written on the different flaps.

Easy 4 min.
Pink and yellow abstract fox head.

Fox mask

Fox hand puppet head that can be animated.

Moderate 4 min.
Blue origami bird model.

Flapping bird

The flapping variant of the traditional origami crane.

Moderate 4 min.
Origami bird and basin.

Drinking bird

Stylized basin of water and bird that takes a sip when animated.

Moderate 5 min.
Large, orange origami fish with purple lips, with open mouth.

Kissing fish

The lips of this fish move when the model is squeezed.

Moderate 10 min.