Moderate origami models

The difficulty of models is rated with the following labels: easy, moderate, intermediate, hard and complex.

Moderate models are somewhat more difficult than easy models and require some skill and knowledge to fold correctly, but don't contain many complex folds.

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Black and silver boxy humanoid figure with spikey hair.


Boxy groom with spikey hair and reverse-colored face and undershirt.

Moderate 21 min.
Human figure model with reverse-colored head.

Human Figure

Standing humanoid figure with reverse-colored face.

Moderate 14 min.
Green, blue and red ornament.


Ornament made from six sheets.

Moderate 10 min.
Blue snail on a green leaf.

Leaf & snail

Reverse-colored snail on a leaf from a single sheet.

Moderate 15 min.
Grey, hulking creature with thick arms.


Bulky creature with large arms.

Moderate 11 min.
Purple flower with green leaves and stem.

Flower with stem

Simple plant stem with reverse-colored flower and two leaves.

Moderate 9 min.
Orange, abstract bipedal dinosaur model.


Simple bipedal dinosaur model.

Moderate 5 min.
Red humanoid figure with hands outstretched, creating flames.


Model of a kneeling humanoid figure creating flames.

Moderate 15 min.
Grey origami shark with open mouth.


Shark model with open mouth.

Moderate 12 min.