Moderate origami models

The difficulty of models is rated with the following labels: easy, moderate, intermediate, hard and complex.

Moderate models are somewhat more difficult than easy models and require some skill and knowledge to fold correctly, but don't contain many complex folds.

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A brown origami bear model.

Brown Bear

Single-colored bear model standing on four legs.

Moderate 18 min.
Brown standing origami bird model.


A standing bird with independent wings.

Moderate 14 min.
Yellow origami mouse with long tail.


Sitting mouse with a long, thin tail.

Moderate 15 min.
Blue flying dinosaur origami model with reverse-colored eyes.


This flying dinosaur model has reverse-colored eyes.

Moderate 19 min.
Large red long-necked dinosaur with large body.


A long model that captures the hulking posture of the diplodocus.

Moderate 25 min.
Purple walrus model with white thusks.

Bull Walrus

This model captures the distinctive pose and long tusks of the walrus very well.

Moderate 22 min.
A brown canoe model.


A 3D canoe model with pointed ends.

Moderate 12 min.
Green three-horned origami dinosaur model.


Dinosaur model that features a three-horned head.

Moderate 20 min.
Brown rabbit model with reverse-colored ears and breast.


With fluffy ears, breast and tail, this model has interesting color changes when folded with two-colored paper.

Moderate 24 min.