Hard origami models

The difficulty of models is rated with the following labels: easy, moderate, intermediate, hard and complex.

Hard models contain difficult folds and require much precision. Some models also might take a long time to fold.

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Winged, female figure. Folded from black and yellow double tissue paper.


Winged female figure with long skirt.

Hard 2 hr. 24 min.
Brown origami bipedal satyr with white horns. Folded from double tissue paper.


Standing goat-like humanoid with reverse-colored horns.

Hard 1 hr. 18 min.
Red demon with large bat-like wings and a horned head, standing on two legs, folded from triple tissue paper.


Standing humanoid devil with horned head, large wings and forked tail.

Hard 3 hr. 29 min.
Green butterfly with small antennae, viewed from above.


Winged insect with six legs and short antennae.

Hard 45 min.
Standing wizard with pointy hat, folded from blue and orange double tissue paper.


Humanoid figure with arms stretched, wearing a robe and pointy hat.

Hard 1 hr. 33 min.
Purple standing lizard.


Lizard with arms and legs with three digits.

Hard 1 hr. 24 min.
Blue bicycle model with reverse-colored wheels, folded from double tissue paper.


Bicycle with distinctive frame and reverse-colored wheels.

Hard 3 hr. 5 min.
Black crow with talons and open beak, folded from double tissue paper.


Standing crow with four digits on each talon.

Hard 1 hr. 50 min.
Purple and gold origami pegasus, folded from double tissue paper.


Detailed pegasus model with reverse-colored wing sides, mane and eyes.

Hard 2 hr. 35 min.
Standing brown and red bird with reverse-colored wattle, legs and the end of the tail feathers, folded from double tissue paper.

American Turkey

Bird model with reverse-colored elements and detailed tail feathers.

Hard 1 hr. 45 min.
Green and red origami dilophosaurus model with spread neck frill, folded from double tissue paper.

Dilophosaurus 1.8

Standing dinosaur model with open mouth, large reverse-colored neck frill and claws and feet with three digits.

Hard 3 hr. 15 min.
Purple origami triceratops with open mouth.


Dinosaur model with crest and large horns on its head.

Hard 59 min.