Easy origami models

The difficulty of models is rated with the following labels: easy, moderate, intermediate, hard and complex.

Easy models contain a few simple folds, and can be created by anyone with a little patience.

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Blue lantern.


Traditional lantern with octagonal-shaped inside.

Easy 3 min.
Red lantern.


Traditional lantern with pointed sides.

Easy 3 min.
Purple winged humanoid shape with arms behind its back.

Christmas Angel

Abstract humanoid creature with wings and arms folded behind its back.

Easy 9 min.
Brown bat with spread wings.


Abstract bat model with feet and distinctive ears.

Easy 11 min.
Yellow abstract chicken with red comb.


Abstract chicken with reverse-colored comb, two independent wings and a single foot.

Easy 6 min.
Black and white abstract penguin model with a single foot.


Traditional penguin model with single foot.

Easy 7 min.
Blue abstract seal model with orthagonal fins.


Traditional abstract seal model with two front flippers.

Easy 5 min.
Purple abstract boat model with reverse-colored sails.


Abstract boat with two reverse-colored sails.

Easy 3 min.
Blue wedge-shaped tent, with flaps opened.


Tent with open flaps on the front.

Easy 8 min.