Origami models created by Unknown / traditional

Models that have an unclear or unknown origin are designated traditional and have an unknown author. These models are considered to be in the public domain.

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Blue lantern.


Traditional lantern with octagonal-shaped inside.

Easy 3 min.
Red lantern.


Traditional lantern with pointed sides.

Easy 3 min.
Yellow abstract chicken with red comb.


Abstract chicken with reverse-colored comb, two independent wings and a single foot.

Easy 6 min.
Purple flower with four petals on a green stem with a single leaf.

Tulip and Stem

Four-petalled flower with large stigma on a stem with a single leaf.

Moderate 8 min.
Black and white abstract penguin model with a single foot.


Traditional penguin model with single foot.

Easy 7 min.
Orange abstract yacht with two levels.


Hollow boat model with two decks.

Moderate 16 min.
Blue abstract seal model with orthagonal fins.


Traditional abstract seal model with two front flippers.

Easy 5 min.
Green, blue and red ornament.


Ornament made from six sheets.

Moderate 10 min.