Origami models created by Ryosuke Sakurai

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Quadruped green dinosaur with distinctive cranial crest.


Quadrupedal dinosaur with distinctive cranial crest.

Intermediate 30 min.
Orange flying dinosaur with large cranial crest.


Flying dinosaur with large wings and large crest on its head.

Intermediate 1 hr.
Brown goat with two horns and distinct eyes, viewed from the front.


Standing goat with distinctive eyes and two horns.

Intermediate 47 min.
Red fox model with reverse-colored tail tip.

Fox 2015

Standing fox with distinctive face and reverse-colored tail tip.

Intermediate 38 min.
White rooster with red legs, wattles and comb.


Rooster with reverse-colored wattle, comb and legs.

Intermediate 45 min.
Brown standing dromedary with reverse-colored eye.


Standing dromedary model with reverse-colored eye.

Intermediate 55 min.
Rearing white unicorn with blue horn, mane and tail.


Rearing unicorn with reverse-colored horn, mane and tail.

Intermediate 50 min.
Standing humanoid with green lips and reverse-colored crane on its chest.

Old man

Humanoid creature with large claws and a reverse-colored crane on its chest.

Intermediate 1 hr. 4 min.
Black crow with talons and open beak, folded from double tissue paper.


Standing crow with four digits on each talon.

Hard 1 hr. 50 min.
Bipedal green spinosaurus model with open mouth and large sail on its back.


Dinosaur model with large sail and open mouth.

Intermediate 17 min.
Green frog origami model with white eyes and mouth.


Boxy, three-dimentional frog model.

Moderate 22 min.
Purple origami flying dinosaur model (standing form).


Bird-like dinosaur model with open beak and pronounced eye.

Moderate 13 min.