Origami models created by Robert J. Lang

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Deer with six-pointed antlers. Folded from Kraft paper.


Standing deer featuring antlers with six points.

Intermediate 55 min.
Black and white abstract origami sitting person with hood.

Seated Lady

Abstract figure of a person with hood sitting in a rocking chair.

Moderate 21 min.
Brown origami spider model with eight legs.

Orb Weaver

Eight-legged spider with spherical abdomen.

Hard 1 hr. 40 min.
Origami model of a treehopper.


Standing bug model with detailed legs and large pronotum.

Intermediate 53 min.
Red origami ladybug with black spots and head.

Spotted Ladybug

A pretty beetle model with reverse-colored head and spots.

Hard 1 hr. 20 min.
Simple blue origami shark model.


A simple shark model.

Easy 10 min.
A square orange cap.


A simple 3D cap.

Easy 5 min.
Brown standing origami bird model.


A standing bird with independent wings.

Moderate 14 min.
Abstract purple origami duck model.


A simple model of a duck.

Easy 5 min.